White-water rafting

White Water Rafting is a great outdoor recreational activity. Many tourists and local water sport lovers embrace this activity as it does not warrant much physical strength, but the willingness to participate as a Team. Kithulgala is the main location for white water rafting, and you will get the opportunity to experience this mind blowing activity in the Kelani River, which covers five major rapids and four minor rapids. This water sport activity is so much fun, that even a minor who is over 10 years could take part, to navigate an inflatable raft in the river. Sithawaka and the Mahaweli River are the other identified locations for white water rafting. All rafts are fully equipped together with safety equipment, and a full briefing is given by the guides and instructors, before embarking on a trip. In addition to its rafting, Kithulgala also provides, for those who wish to hike, see wildlife, kayaking, canoeing, mountain climbing and much more for your enjoyment.