Bird watching

Bird Watching is a kind of wildlife observation of rare specimens of birds, their sounds become a recreational activity. Sri Lanka has a splendid variety of beautiful birds, such as Asian Open Bill, Gray Headed Fish Eagle, Baya Weaver, Frogmouth, Paradise Fly Catcher, Black Headed Stork, Bay Owl just to name a very few. Most bird lovers go crazy with their unique bird sounds and songs. Udawalawe Park and the Kumana Bird Sanctuary are two of the famous bird sanctuaries ear- marked for this purpose. The bird watchers simply love to see them in their natural habitat. This can be done with the help of a Binocular or Telescope. During certain seasons you will find the migratory birds that come into Sri Lanka from other countries, and they are a beautiful site by themselves. The magnificent colors, shapes and their sizes come in different forms to entice you.